October 2012


(2nd, 3rd and 4th DAY OF THE FEAST)



·The tournament shall be played over the course of the A.S.C.

 ·Entry is open to all amateur and professional golfers with valid E.G.F. Handicap.

·The tournament shall be played in accordance with the rules of golf as approved by the R& A Golf Club of St. Andrews and the Local Rules of the A.S.C.

·Men with handicap of 18 or over shall play off 18

·Ladies with handicap of 24 or over shall play off 24

·Professionals shall play off scratch

·Caddies must be of handicap 4 or better

·This championship shall be played over 54 holes as follows:

1st round of 18 holes on day 1 (net score of the best ball of team)

2nd round of 18 holes on day 2 (net of team Greensomes score)

3rd round of 18 holes on day 3 (aggregate net score of the team)

·The winning team shall be the team returning the best score over the three rounds.

·In the event of tie for the 1st place a play off over 1 hole, aggregate net score of the team, will be held to determine the winner (play off hole to be decided by the committee).

·In the event of tie for the 2nd, 3rd  places winners shall be decided by count-back

·Decision of the committee shall, in all matters, be final

                              1.      The committee reserves the right to reject any entry.

                              2.      The committee reserves the right to fix or alter the starting times.

                              3.      Any competitor not present at the 1st tee when his name is called is liable to disqualification.

·Prizes shall be given to the winner (who shall be the title holder of the challenge cup for the year), runner up and 3rd (professionals shall receive prizes in cash).

·A Team may consists of two amateurs or an amateur and a professional.

·Entrance fee is

      200 L.E./player for ASC members

      225 L.E./player for EGF members

      250 L.E./player for rest of the players.

·Entries Close October 24th at 3.00 p.m.

·For registration email:

          Or contact Mohamed Hafez at 0122 1287126